Pete Murray studied guitar and music theory with guitarist Alan Limbrick ( Alan studied at the Guitar Institute in the U.S.A with teachers including Robben Ford with fellow advanced student Frank Gambale ) in the mid 1980s while playing in various rock bands playing at venues including the Crystal Palace Bowl.
1986 was the year Alan Limbrick founded the London Guitar Institute and Pete enrolled on the very first course for advanced guitarists at the London Guitar Institute, the first modern school of guitar in Europe.

The other tutors at that time were Shaun Baxter- rock, John Etheridge – Jazz, Jay Stapley – country and Brinsley Schwarz – guitar FX and Equipment.
In 1988 Pete started teaching professionally along with playing and recording guitar giving him over 25 years of teaching experience.
He has played many styles of music from Rock to Jazz including Pop, Blues, country and World Music with some great musicians, including Pete Riley (Keith Emerson), Geraint Roberts, Bill Worrall, Robert Rickenberg, Joe Hubbard (Ben E. King, Morrissy Mullen), Kenrick Rowe (Jazz Jamaica) and Derek Nash (Jools Holland Band) and  played on some interesting studio recordings.

He has played at many venues including The Euro Woodstock Festival, Hungary, along side bands  Jethro Tull , Jetherson Air plane and The Byrds. He has also played for clients like the BBC and Terry Wogan with his own Jazz Band.

In that time he has taught many people to play guitar.